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"Missing Toothbrush"

Content from Thought for Today

Two weeks ago, I went to my dentist for my six-month cleaning. He recommended that I begin using a particular electric toothbrush that my son was already using. Since he uses my sink as his own, he has his little electric toothbrush area set up on my counter area.

My way of thinking is that I could do what my dentist says with only the cost of replacement brushes. Off to the store and I pick up exactly what I needed color coded and all.

Everything is fine for the first few days, then I noticed my yellow coded tooth brush is missing. Jake's blue toothbrush is there but mine was gone. I looked all around the bathroom thinking maybe it had just fallen somewhere. Finally, I found it under a stack of mail on the vanity across the room. Strange but I didn't think anything of it.

The next day I go to brush my teeth and again my toothbrush is gone. Off I go searching thinking Jake took it off to brush his teeth and just misplaced it. Unable to locate it I decide to just pull out a fresh one.

That morning I get to work and Connie calls to deliver a message from our six-year-old. She quoted him, "Dad, if you want to see your toothbrush again then stop leaving your brush on top of my electric toothbrush. Next time it will be in the trash."

To think a six-year-old had kidnaped my toothbrush and was holding it hostage.

Funny, how people establish their personal space and react to violations of their areas. Many people have created such a protected area around their hearts. It is off limits in their mind even to God. They may spend time studying and saying an occasional prayer but real relationships with God is impossible because of their self-imposed boundaries.

As funny as my toothbrush being held hostage by Jake is nothing compared to someone trying to outrun God. Sorry for the English but you can't go where God ain't. Maybe your heart is stonewalled because of hurts of the past. Maybe, you have never felt loved or have trouble with relationships. Maybe you are dependent to the point of destroying any hope of having a solid relationship with someone. Maybe you haven't tried befriending God.

You see. God knows your heart and all about walls and defenses. His love for you made Him to overcome the sin that separated you. He did that because of His love for you. You don't have to prove to God you are worth loving. He already does love you. Give Him a chance this day with your heart and find a friend indeed with God.

As for my toothbrush, I better learn to respect his space or I will be spending way too much time with my dentist!

God bless you always,

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